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Status Report 24th of November 2020

Chapter 6 Released

With the release of the sixth chapter of Crystillya: Two Worlds, I would like to thank everyone for reading the story so far. It is hard to keep up with school and write the novel at the same time. But I have no doubt that it is going to work out just fine.

The chapters are available over on Wattpad, Webnovel, Royalroad, and Tapas.

Status Report 1st of August 2020

Changes to the website!

It has been a while since the project started, everything has its ups and downs but It's important that we all try to make the best of every situation.

Changes are good in times of need, this is why the main website for crystillya.com has been reworked:

• Updated the name of the fictional network used to log-in.
• Updated the logo of the network to the official Celestine family emblem.
• Updated the Synopsis and Concept to better reflect the contents of the story.
• Updated the story site with 5 additional chapters.
• Added a better support for widescreen monitors.
• Added a browser color scheme scanner to switch from light to darkmode based on preference.

Synopsis & Concept

Crystillya: Two Worlds

Many years into the future, humanity developed a special device that grants people supernatural powers. A school named "Amber Academy'' was built to teach these people how to use their abilities. Illyanna Celestine is a student at this school, along with her childhood friend, Aoi Angelite, they vowed to protect the daily lives of the students and teachers from the people who oppose the powers they hold.

Crystillya Concept

Crystillya commenced as a fan story mixed with several crossovers from diverse franchises, however as time went by it was determined that it would turn into its own story, with an original cast of characters.

The story began roughly around 2013, when the story writer (a.k.a Beyluta) wrote the first piece of the novel, at that time it was a simple concept and showed to his friends and other people close to him. They urged him to continue writing the novel in beliefs that it would one day, reach a lot more people.

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I am a junior in the Computer Science field, avid Anime watcher, and a huge fan of Manga. I currently don’t have the means to pay for professional Software or people to aid me proof-read and improve my novel, if you would like to donate and support me, it would be an unimaginable help.

If you are curious to know what Software I am currently using: Google Docs to write my novels, the integrated Google Spelling and Grammer checker, and the free version of Grammarly to proof-read my documents. For web hosting, I use the Hostinger platform.

If you do decide to donate to me, you will directly help me to keep the website operating, afford the premium version of Software like Grammarly, and also pay for someone to draw the characters from the story.

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