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Many years into the future, humanity developed a special device that grants people supernatural powers. A school named "Amber Academy'' was built to teach these people how to use their abilities. Illyanna Celestine is a student at this school, along with her childhood friend, Aoi Angelite, they vowed to protect the daily lives of the students and teachers from the people who oppose the powers they hold.

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The rift's archieves- part 1

16th May 2021

The rift's archieves- part 2

Not Released

A brand new story- part 1

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Illyanna Celestine

Illyanna is the future heiress of the Celestine family, set to become the next leader of the family on her 18th Birthday.
She is very composed, beautiful, and smart to any outsider looking in, however when alone she drops the façade and reveals her hyperactive and childish desires to play around and have fun like any other normal girl her age.

The supernatural ability awakened to Illyanna allows her to control the hardness of her blood cells when her body starts naturally heating up or when near a source of heat.

Yumi Agate

Yumi Agate is the future heiress of the Agate family, set to become the next leader of the family in the near future.

She has always been a great fighter from a young age, very intelligent and always at the top of all other students in her school, even having set many record herself. She is a lone world and trusts only her technology.

The supernatural ability awakened to Yumi allows her to boost her own physical and mental speed, giving her an advantage when reaction time and fast thinking are crucial.


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