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Status Report 3rd of April 2020

Discover a brand new world!

As of the third of April 2020, the first few chapters of Crystillya: Two Worlds are available to read online.

The main Crystillya Website will get a major rework as we adapt the project and split the work between the game and the story.

Status Report 23rd of February 2020

New Story, New Characters and a Whole New World to Explore!

Hiyaa, Crystillya fans! Touka Mica & Naoki Mica here!

Our Storywriter and Main Developer 'Beyluta' recently joined Brackey's GameJam 2020.1, which is a fun little contest to develop a game from scratch, in a timespan of 7 days.

He joined some other pretty skilled people and together they decided to develop a puzzle game taking place inside the Crystillya universe.

Help us by taking a look at it over on its Itch.io page
Take a look at the people who helped develop the game; they are all very talented.

As a bonus: The story will be made available to read online pretty soon! We hope you'll love it just like we do.

Synopsis & Concept

Crystillya: Two Worlds

Unique, scientifically engineered Gemstones, also known as 'Crystals' have taken the world by storm, advancing civilization and improving humanity's way of living. These Crystals are far more capable than they appear, such as being able to stockpile huge amounts of energy and converting them to whatever the user desires.

Drawing power from these Crystals is no easy feat however. Only special people with aptitude to their respective Gemstones are able to convert their energy into something usable – such folk are called 'Stars'. By transforming said Crystals into a 'Core', they're able to be combined with weapons of all kinds, making them perfect tools of warfare.

Illyanna Celestine and Yumi Agate are both heiresses of their families and students of the prestigious Amber Academy, an underground school specialized in training young 'Stars' into being able to use their abilities to the fullest. But when rumors of fellow students vanishing start to arise, both girls form an unexpected partnership to put an end to this mystery.

Crystillya: Two Worlds | Game Concept

Crystillya: Two Worlds is a Story-driven, 2D, Hack'n'slash, Japanese-Theme video game. Currently being developed by a group of programmers, artists and animators. We wish to expand into a full group of developers soon.

Each Chapter has primary objectives and missions the player must complete to advance in the story, stylized as escort, protect, deliver, defeat, and so on.

Waves of enemies will try to get in the way of your task — defeat them by engaging them in battle; every opponent is strong in their own ways and the game will always try to raise their stats to match yours. To defeat an enemy you must first break their stance — achieve this by successfully blocking their attacks multiple times. Downed enemies can stand back up after a while, so you must act swiftly.

Why not bring a co-op buddy to help you with your task? This will make the game try and optimize the difficulty though, so take someone reliable (*≧ω≦*)
If nobody is up to the task, equip yourself with a booster before each chapter. There are three types of boosters: Combos, Cards and Songs.

Combos raise your overall stats by the current hit-count you achieved ingame, this will reset upon receiving a hit.

Cards will be randomly dropped during gameplay, they raise your stats according to the type of card you picked up. They last until the end of the Chapter.

Songs requires you to choose three songs before each level, they boost specific stats of your choosing for a while. You can land critical hits by playing to the beat.

Main Characters

Illyanna Celestine is the mischievous daughter and the heiress of the Celestine family, A leading company of technology and its advancements. Nevertheless, she prefers to keep things simple.

She has a tough side underneath her eccentric, rich girl facade. Which could be to blame for all the trouble she gets herself into.

She carries mostly makeshift clothing, gear and weapons, such as Gas Masks, Metal Swords, Chemicals, Heavy armour padding and more.

Personality quote: "And you say I hate to lose?... I’ve yet to even taste defeat!"

Yumi Agate is the heiress of the Agate family and an intelligent and promising soldier, serving her country and advancing technology is everything that matters to her.

She is very intelligent and curious, traits which could only end in disaster.

She carries double blades, attack drones and her suit is equipped with many biological and technological weapons she can use at will. Everything responds to her brain waves making it almost a part of her.

Personality quote: "Should there be something I don’t already know, you better be sure I’m unveiling it!"


These are Our Goals

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